Did you know that just a few decades ago, Botswana was considered the second most poorest country in the world. Now, one of Africa’s most stable economies with a history of uninterrupted civilian leadership and relatively free of corruption, Botswana’s good governance has transformed it into a middle income country.

When Botswana wanted independence from being a British protectorate (Botswana was never colonised by the British) the leaders were told they were
Either brave or foolish“.

Basarwa in the Kalahari Desert

Hippos in the Okavango Delta

The Botswana Flag: The blue represents water, symbolising water scarcity and how it is a precious resource in Botswana. The white-black-white bands depict the harmony between the people of different races and cultures that have settled in Botswana. The black and white bands also represent Botswana’s national animal, the zebra.


Political leaders of Botswana

President: Ian Khama
Vice President: Mokgweetsi Masisi

Inhabitants of Botswana

One Motswana-Not Motswanian
Two or many Batswana-Not Batswanian
Main Language is Setswana-Not Botswanian


Botswana is a country, “not state”, located in the Southern part of Africa. It is bordered by Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Geographically flat with 226,012 sq mi land area, up to 70% of the country is considered the Kalahari Desert.

Population (2014 est.)

Just over 2 million people (growth rate: 1.26%). 10% of the population lives in the capital city Gaborone. Botswana is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world.

Monetary Unit

Botswana’s official currency is the Pula. The ISO code for the Botswana pula is BWP.


For more information on Visas, visit the Botswana Tourism website.


The official language of Botswana is English. Setswana is also widely spoken across the country. Other languages spoken in Botswana are Kalanga, Sekgalagadi, Seherero, SeBirwa, Sesarwa, Afrikaans, …


Dumela (s) or Dumelang (p) Hello
Dumela Mma – when greeting females
Dumela Rra – when greeting males

What is your name?
Leina La gago ke mang?

How are you?
O Tsogile Jang?

Response would be:
Ke Tsogile Sentle
I am well
Ga ke a tsoga
I am not well

Do you speak Setswana?
A o Bua Setswana?

I need some help
Ke Kopa Thuso

How much is this?
Ke Bokahe

Nyaa: No
Ee: Yes

Thank you / I am thankful
Ke a leboga or Kelebogile

Tsamaya Sentle

Photography: Roy Feger