July 28, 2015

#smART Collection has been featured in local group exhibitions like Maitisong Arts Festival 2015 e.t.c.

This is Franks Pink & White portrait collection. When painting, Frank gets his inspiration from his life experiences and becomes motivated to share them with the world. As you can see above, each picture tells a story.

46664 is a Nelson Mandela portrait that Frank  painted to pay respect to a fallen hero, Nelson Mandela. “Even though he is dead… to many like me, he still lives”.  Frank is inspired by the legacy that Nelson Mandela has left behind, not only for South Africans, but that many around the world will benefit from.

The picture of the Born Sinner, depicts an attractive woman holding a weapon and a bible. The picture is a symbol of  pain and faith. “I took the pain that some women/people in general go through and mixed it with faith. We are all born sinners we just need to learn the bad in order to do good, that’s how the painting speaks to me. The painting is a dedication to everyone going through pain everyday but manages to hold all the puzzle pieces together just by believing & looking up to the all mighty for guidance…”

One of his favourite paintings from this collection is of a guy holding and playing a Saxophone. “I call it Rhythm For The Soul because every time I hear someone playing that instrument, somehow it moves my soul and I’ve dedicated it to all music lovers around the world and hope they share my sentiments”. 

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