Outer Limits Travel & Tours

October 14, 2015

Outer Limits Travel & Tours

I’m so excited to have come across a travel and tours agency owned by a Motswana and the fact that I don’t have to go through South African Agencies to make any bookings to travel around Botswana and Southern Africa.

Tell us a bit about Outer Limits Travel and Tours!

Outer Limits (funny the name was bought off a shelf, but has been appropriate from day 1) is a fully locally run and based travel agency that focuses mainly on individual travel within Botswana. Focus…but not constricted to – we believe that travel has no limits and everyone should experience what Botswana, specifically has to offer. We have experienced it and would like to share it with the rest of the world. We offer a personalised service that is about you and what you want. Hey, if you have no idea about what you want, we give you various options that will suit the time of year, length of stay, your personal budget and your purpose of travel. We have work very closely with our suppliers and are in touch with what is happening in the industry.

What was the inspiration behind your agency?

Passion for travel. On a personal level, it was very much inspired by my spirit of entrepreneurship as well. After working for what seems like a long while in large corporations, in different industries, I decided to go out on myself with what I love. Just before I branched out on my own I worked for a destination management company that dealt only with travel agents and I had a eureka moment.

What makes you stand out from other agencies in Botswana?

We are a small agency and keep it very personalised and that is what works for us as well. So for 24 hours, 7 days a week, our clients are always able to get hold of us. We are locally based, which gives us an edge in terms of response time and up-to-date developments. But mostly, we know the areas we sell because we have experienced them and are able to advise our clients on what is good and when.

Because we are completely independent and have no ties to any of the places we book, we are able to offer our clients unlimited combination options that would create the perfect itinerary.

Often you will also find that some agencies focus on one specific type of Safari, with Outer Limits, you have options varying from self drive adventure options, which are very popular with families wanting to spend time on the road together, fully catered mobile safaris – for those that like to ‘rough’ it a little. This works very well for groups of more than 5 people as well. We offer fly-in-safaris for those with limited time and a slightly larger budget. We are able to also do cross-country safaris that would involve more than 1 country – Islands off Mozambique or relaxation in Victoria Falls are a great way to finish off a long bush safari.

Do you have any advice for someone who thinks that traveling is not affordable around Botswana and Southern Africa or only for rich people?

Yes, it’s quite simple. We believe travel is never a question of money, but of courage. But how much is it? we always get asked. Our answer is always the same – how much do you have. Tell us and we will find the best places and seasons for you. Traditionally, it is known that ‘high season’ between the months of July and October are the best to travel to the Okavango. Those are also the ‘expensive’ times to travel but do you know that the best time to visit the Central Kalahari and the Boteti is between November & March. Do you know that that is when you catch the great Zebra Migration? Every season has got its benefits, one has to be open minded and you can save up to 40% by postponing your trip by 2 day. People are also often discouraged when they ‘google’ too much. Yes, you can get an idea of where you want to go, and the rates on the internet can sometimes be very daunting. It is always worthwhile to check with an specialised agent how much they can get those places for you – or alternatives in similar areas that will not break your bank. I’ve had ‘WOW’ responses after quote where clients have asked me if I’m sure I’ve calculated correctly because it is much lower than what they read on the website. As a safari specialist, I always push for the best that I can get for my clients.

What is the most extravagant package you have designed?

It’s about quality and picking the right places for the right people. So, extravagance is relative to the travellers. I am just finalising a honeymoon trip for a young couple and they went all out. They are spending a little over US$20K for their trip. But then, you only go on honeymoon once and they have picked the most exclusive lodges for that.

About the interviewee

I am ‘Seth’, born in Molepolole but bred and buttered in Maun, a then very small village on the edge of the Okavango. From the age of 2, my life was very much centred around a cross between camping and love for the wild and the 3 times a month visits to my Grandmas in the South of Botswana. So I had a healthy balance of the North and the South of Botswana. I studied sociology, and ended up in travel.

How can people around the world get in touch with you?

I am available at all times and can be contacted via various means:

Tel: +267 72696665.


You can also follow us on social media to keep in touch with latest offers and news.


Twitter handle: @OL_Travel

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