August 6, 2015

At the Lush Lifestyle, we provide beauty and lifestyle solutions for people of all races, ages and genders and aim to revolutionise Botswana’s lifestyle industry through excellence in service and by providing world-class solutions for not only beauty & therapy businesses but the public at large.

We offer a professional array of services that range from in-store makeup applications to targeted skin and scalp treatments, recommended by our revolutionary Visia Skin Analysis and Scalp Analysis Machine, one more thing that separates us from the rest.

In addition we have a great range of Make Up, Hair Care and Organic Skin Products. That comprise of companies and brands known and appreciated World wide, and in doing so have become Official Distributors within not only Botswana but, Southern Africa as a whole, for some of the products and brands sold within the store.

We live by the motto that Beauty is defined by the individual. We realise that we may not all know how to materialize the vision and that’s where we come in. Our job is to meet the needs of each of our clients’ to the best of our ability by Refining the already Defined Beauty of each individual. And further more educating the individual on how to maintain and elevate their skill, using the tips and tools that we have given them.

Visit us in-store now or on our on-line store!!!!

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