July 22, 2015

An inspiration to many visual artists in Botswana, many that I have had the opportunity to chat to consider him their mentor or someone they look up to.

With all that was against him pursuing his dream to become an artist, including his mother who would throw away any paints that he might have brought home, or take him to church to pray for him to get rid of his “habit”, his teachers discouraging him from painting and rather motivating him to focus on his academics, many doors slammed on his face, Wilson could have long given up his dream of becoming an artist, but perseverance and belief in himself has made him one of Botswana’s most sought after visual artists.

Wilson’s art has been featured in many exhibitions around Botswana, has won him many awards and also opened doors to exhibit in international exhibitions.

2014 also opened another door for Wilson, but this time, not art, but writing. His autobiography “DOORS to my EYES” ‘My journey through the corridors of art’, is a memoir that narrates his painful life that created a harder character in him.

 “I once survived only on the contents of the pair of breasts. God answered my embryonic prayers before I was born by creating breasts. Breasts are a legacy to this world, they are my herb,” …

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